Pain & Gain (2013)


This movie was fun to watch. I mean, when you have Dwayne Johnson in a comedy/action thriller, it’s a no lose situation. The story was well written and the characters well developed. Mark Wahlberg and “The Rock” made for a great team with greater chemistry. I always enjoy a good story packed with action, it keeps me on the edge of my seat. Definitely worth seeing it.


Adriana Butiri, Reviewer

Best movie in a long time. The dark humor combination with the action and thrill were well done. What I got a kick out of was not the fact that the movie started with a based on a true story note, but that halfway through the movie, while you forgot this could have been a real story, the movie reminds you that it was still based on a real story. You just have to see it. I was rolling. Having Tony Shalhoub in the same movie with The Rock and Marky Mark was a good move.

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