Red Dawn (2012)


I liked the movie because it has a story that made me think. It made me think about  how much it would suck if North Koreans would be able to take over (or try). It’s great that this movie had cast a new generation of actors, and I enjoyed the acting too. Over all, for me it was a good storyline for a movie.

Adriana Butiri, Reviewer

Although it didn't get many good reviews, I really enjoyed watching this little story. As many of the reviewers screamed that it wasn't a believable story, I just couldn't help myself but enjoy it. It is a story, after all. A fictional story. Possible, sure, probable, not likely. I think that if 9-11 showed us anything, is that things like these can happen. The story was simply a story to entertain. Not every movie has to be so realistic that it's a reality TV show. I would give it top ratings. The acting was decent. My disbelief was suspended, so to me, they did a great job.

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