Side Effects (2013)


This movie has a good story, I like the characters in it to. I think that this movie shows more about how women, can really be just as good at plotting as men are. Well the twist of the movie is unexpected until the end, I really did not make the connection between some of the roles, and they have some surprise scenes. Over all a nice thrilling suspense, you will enjoy it if you watch it.


Adriana Butiri, Reviewer

This movie was all right! It was definitely surprising. I liked it because I didn't watch the trailer for it. I'm sure it would have spoiled a lot for me. I especially liked the girl on girl scene. don't get too excited. It wasn't a sex scene. Just some kissing. I won't tell you who kissed who. Jude Law played his character really well. The story line moved along great too. The twists and turns were awesome, and just when you thought things we done, the protagonist goes out of his way to win... at life. Great movie, highly recommended.

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