The Last Stand (2013)


Awesome, I loved it. Well written story, with plenty of action ¬†through out the entire movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger was great for the role. I liked that a small town has a great sheriff who can protect the border with a small team of inexperienced staff. In the end, they were better prepared then the FBI. I don’t know if I just enjoy seeing the FBI get its ass handed to itself, or just really enjoy watching Arnold. Can’t wait to see more stories like this one.

Adriana Butiri, Reviewer

When he said, "I'll be back", I didn't think he was going to continue making films. As always, Arny never disappoints. I'd give anything, any time of the day, anywhere to see Arnold with a machine gun. The story was typical, with a few surprises, and the characters were typical protagonist / antagonist, reluctant hero type. Then again, if anyone else would have starred in it, I might not have watched it... other than Stallone. Wait for the DVD and Blu Ray on this one.

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